Tania Dibbs

Koi Pond Building Project

This was the first water feature, from which we learned a lot. As soon as it was done I was obsessed with it. Many of my water pieces were inspired by the view from the side of the pond, like the four paintings below.


Click on slideshows below.

This summer we did a full rebuild of the pond, which turned into a huge, expensive, traumatic undertaking….the finished pond is truly beautiful though.

The beautiful finished waterfall:

Mortaring the waterfall:
Mortaring a waterfall feature




  1. Tania built a pond for the second time. It was hell on our end. She was filthy, cranky and smelly for a whole month. She was about to kill my dad, her husbend who survived after hiding in the basement for 1 month. We ran short of food so we came out but we wold still be there if we had food.

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