Tania Dibbs

Larger Sculptural Pieces

Lately the size of the forms has been increasing. I am onto this hive/pod sort of thing:


It is always a challenge not to think too hard before I get going on a project. Thinking too much causes me to try to adhere to a theme, or reason, or to make only variations of what I have already done. For easier marketing of an artist’s brand this would be great, or IS great, but for creativity it isn’t great. I prefer to try to work enough that a cohesive body of work comes from quantity but not at the expense of the creativity. Maybe this is why my overall body of work as an artist can seem a little schizophrenic unless you see a lot of it at once, but I dont’t know how else to capitalize on subconscious creative capital.

On another note, I would like to thank my high school art teacher, Mr George Juliano, for his tecnical support. Check out his work at his Etsy shop here







    1. I have some in the garden, some by the front door, some on the floor, or on pedestals. Stoneware holds up pretty well outside. I move them around until I find a place where they fit well.

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