Tania Dibbs




I am excited and renewed in my attitude towards painting right now. I know from experience that these phases come and go although they feel interminable in the instant. I have to be sure to take full advantage of it while it is here – I do have a boss and a schedule, and it is Inspiration.

I want to paint very large pieces. I want to not stop. In times like this there is no wrong mark. There is no determining hue. There is only one action leading to the next and the next and the next, marveling at the journey, liking the view or finding it lacking, watching your opinion change as you go without any thought right into the change. I wish always to care so deeply while not giving a shit. Then I can do no wrong because there is no such thing.

I wish I could always live the whole of my art universe in the act of painting as it is now. The art market is not art.  I am crawling through the microscope into my own world that is in a microclimate of the blather, and I want to shield myself from the eyeball. Everyone can go drown in their ideas about what counts while I simply paint. I feel empowered to stop caring.



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