Tania Dibbs


Proboscis 2

Biology is the underlying matrix of the planet, and life continues…

Fascinating adaptations, mutations, growth patterns. Reproduction pods, a reaching proboscis, tentacles for filter feeding, an anchoring body, a vector that infects…
The majestic. The interesting. The ugly, the obscene. The masterpiece of a virus. A spore, a womb, an egg sac, a colony. To live in the dark, in the cold, in the light, in conditions imposed upon one life form by another. Adaptation thwarted by imposed environmental conditions; mutations caused.  Are we the imposers? The subjects? The bystanders? We are all of these things. The survival of a cancer is horrendous, the survival of a coral reef is glorious. What is miraculous, and what is disgusting? What is repulsive and what is appealing and why? If we have controlled the process of nature is it more palatable than if the change is a by product of our tinkering? These kinds of questions and thoughts are what inform my current sculptures.






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